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20, May 2012
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 Company Roots

In 2006, our founder commenced trading in construction material in Dubai, UAE . Since then Viva Eos has undergone several re-structuring and re-organisation. With a new corporate identity (2010), Viva Eos emerged stronger and better to serve our customer.

Corporate Value

In line with our corporate statement “Good as Gold”, it is our aim to continue to provide our customers with the best value-for-money solutions. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

In the increasingly competitive markets, Viva Eos strives to provide consistently superior performance with a truly global mindset. Sacrificing quality is not an option.

Mission Statement

Viva Eos is committed to supplying the consumer and our customers with the finest and value-for-money products. We conduct business worldwide. Viva Eos understand our customers’ needs and will strive to provide creative, innovative, and value-added low cost solutions. And to be a leading name in marketing and distribution driven by a spirit of excellence and a passion to build brands, win markets and establish businesses that ultimately enhance stake holder’s prosperity.

Think Globally.Act Locally

We are present in three (3) regions namely Middle East, South East Asia, and East Asia with a diverse and highly skilled global workforce consists of more than 6 nationalities.

 Viva Eos  has an extended business networks and has offices around the world from UAE to Singapore and Yiwu in China. Our expansionary mode is preparing ourselves to serve other regions soon such as Malawi and Egypt. Our team of highly trained professional staff are here to serve you. We are a multi line business with staff of highly professional long-time industry salesmen who know the business inside and out. We hope your every encounter with our salesperson would be another wonderful seamless experience.


Our corporate vision is to be a competent, reputable and successful Trading House Company by having well managed resources and networks both in domestic and overseas markets.

Company Ownership Viva Eos


Viva Eos is a privately-held company owned by a private entrepreneur who has over 30 years of vast experience in international business development.

Products and Services

Viva Eos sources materials and equipment direct from manufacturers and reputed trading houses to ensure quality and reliable services to our clients. Our objective is to fully satisfy customer's requirement at competitive prices and reliable after-sales support. Viva Eos works smoothly to meet the rising demand for a diverse range of world class products in the Middle East, GCC, Asia and Africa. Viva Eos is structured in four (4) divisions, namely,

a)   Personal & Medical Health Care Products


b)  Construction Material & Heavy Equipment


c)  Hi-Tech Products


d)  General Trading

 Personal & Medical Health Care Products

Viva Eos concerns about people’s health and its product cycle. Viva Eos strives to provide clients with comfort and well-being. To comply with the most stringent quality standards,  Viva Eos is registered with the following authorities:

 a)        UAE Federal

·          Ministry of Health (MoH)

b)        Abu Dhabi

·          Health Authority – Abu Dhabi (HAAD)

·          SEHA (Abu DHabi

c)        Dubai

·          Dubai Health Authority

·          Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) Authority

Our product lines are:


a)  Ladies Products (eg sanitary napkins)


b)  Baby Products (eg diapers, baby trolleys)


 c)  Health Products (eg adult diapers)

Construction Material & Heavy Equipment  

Viva Eos understands the construction procedures and methods. We trade on the following items:


a)  Health and Safety tools e.g. safety barrier, ladders


b)  Shower enclosures


c)  Excavator attachments (e.g. grappler, fork claw, long reach package, concrete crusher etc)


d)  General construction materials

 Hi-Tech Products

Viva Eos cares about the environment and it targets products that have reduced carbon foot-print. The following products are traded:


a)        Laptops and mobile phones


b)       Solar panels and unites


b)  LED and energy saving bulbs


c)  Selected Electronics goods

General Trading

 Viva Eos also caters for a selected range of products for high daily usage and consumption. We are having more than 850 Manufacturers & 550 Distributors in Asia, Middle East, & Africa to meet your requirement and provide you the best service.